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The passages of production to get the ended object are of 30 phases of workmanship. In the first phase the band of rigid leather is cut,to intend him deals with the leather that is used for de sole of the shoes quindis of the thicknessof 3 mms bathing the wood form yuou he she is bandaged her it where with some hemp ribbons you he she is put in an air oven warm to dry holding her it to her for 24 hours once dried we trim her it to the adges with a knife to this point we cult.

The leather to bandage the superior and inferior part, being the form in wood we have need to again bathe the leather, and once bandaged we put again her it to dry in oven for the usual 24 hours. Once trimmed the two parts inferior and superior so we have bandaged the whole wood form, the same form comes lievigata in all the surfaces to remove the roughness of the calf the wax warm said star around the band is smeared for allowing the next bandaging to serve as once vremoved the form

We cut the ended band,so you the she is called being another type of material him it always treats of leather but with the polished superior part fleshed the band with the special knife we glue her it to the structure of rigid leather with some vegetable glue we wait that the same one dries for being able to trim her it we cult the two parts always fleshing her with the knife to the extremities of the skin so that when you he she is glued the conjunctures you are not noticed. With some warm water we wash her it to scrape away the glue,e with some colors to aniline we paint her it of the so many colors that we have.

When the object and dry land well we take some cobbler slickers and once warm we pass them in the whole object for the polish and for the closing of the leeks of the ended skin the burnishing with some paraffin in the whole object is smeared for giving a colors nuvolato and only, removed the paraffin we mark the article in the point where it will cut and with some knife tagliamos along the band for then to remove the form that is found to the whole one so we have realized an article in leather ingot we finish up the inside adges with some blak color and we polish the object.

Such article only and it will transmit heat and brightness being unchanged in the time. In the 25 years of our productive history we boast of products what set from writing desk in the rooms of the pontiff,of the various heads of state,in the more tall authorities of the whole world we are present to mew york in the rooms of the celebrities we remember you that the firm and leader in the cector and we furnish the more important show room of italy and the world

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